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VSAT High Speed and High Performance, Fully Redundant Network Mobile or Fixed Satellite Data, Voice and Video Solutions
  • Business Operations Requiring Reliable Uninterrupted Connectivity
  • Pipeline Field Incident Response Teams
  • First Responders
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Chemical Plants and Refineries
  • Disaster Recovery Teams and
  • Other Businesses in which Communications Resiliency is Essential

Most satellite communications solutions link the customer to a single satellite spacecraft which is aligned to a single teleport ground facility. Communications can be impeded or even fail for many reasons with this single point of failure architecture.

The IP Access GoSelect Network is fully redundant on the ground and in the sky. That allows customers to easily and rapidly redeploy ground terminals to secondary satellites if needed for communications continuity.

Two Bi-costal Teleport Ground Facilities:

  • Each with fully redundant power, cooling, fiber, IP and RF
  • Steerable antennas for disaster recovery
  • Staffed 24x7

Multiple Spacecraft:

  • AMC-9 and Galaxy 18
  • Optimized coverage
  • Supports on-demand bandwidth capabilities

The resilient IP Access GoSelect Network allows customers to move connection to a secondary satellite if needed due to:

  • Spacecraft interference
  • Look angle blockage
  • Teleport failure or disaster
  • Regional disasters impacting fiber or PSTN

Fixed, Vehicle Mounted or Mobile or Flyaway Satellite Antennas

  • Fixed site antennas for corporate headquarters, hospitals, Operations Centers
  • Vehicle mounted antennas for First Responders, Disaster Recovery Teams
  • Flyaway antennas for Incident Response Teams or other organizations that need compact systems easy to transport in an SUV, van or airline checked for communications in remote locations.
  • High function antennas from Cobham, AvL, Ground Control Systems and others

Easy to Activate with High Performance

  • One operator simplicity.
  • No special technical skills required.
  • Assemble, activate and operate in less than 30 minutes.
  • Press the deploy button and the system automatically aims and locks on the satellite signal.
  • High performance satellite routers provide adaptive high performance in adverse weather conditions.

Flexible Plans and Data Rates

  • Plans are built around your business needs including activate on demand, data volume based, unlimited data day plans and more.
  • Download/Upload data rates 3 Mbps x 1 Mbps, 10 Mbps x 3 Mbps, 20 Mbps x 5 Mbps

Tailored to Your Business Needs

  • Through the IP Access GoSelect Network, G-Comm will provide you the best system and data plans based on your business needs.
  • It starts with understanding your application, projected data volumes, number of users, geographic coverage, budget and more.
  • We provide you the best equipment and airtime plan to meet your needs.