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Updated Firmware for Iridium 9555, 9575 Extreme and 9575 PTT Satellite Phones

Iridium have released new Firmware for their popular handheld satellite phone devices.

It is recommended that you update your firmware, you can download the appropriate file below:

Iridium Extreme 9575 PTT (15mb)

Please note that the firmware upgrade for the standard Iridium Extreme 9575 (non-PTT) has been recalled.
Any handsets that have been updated to HL17001 should have Firmware Release HL15002 loaded in its place. When HL17001 is loaded onto an Iridium Extreme with hardware build AB02 (at the end of the Part Number on the IMEI label), the device ceases to work properly, never finding the network. Download the Firmware HL15002 by clicking here (14mb)

If you would like to have the service done by G-Comm, we offer firmware upgrades for a nominal fee + round trip shipping. Please contact our office for details on 877-614-2666.

This upgrade provides the following improvements:
Issue ID Description
4364 Improved accuracy of reporting when SMS storage on the SIM has reached capacity.
6070 Updated startup splash screen to display a NEXT constellation satellite.
5678 Improved handset upgrade: added support for Windows 10; required drivers are now installed automatically; and the upgrade itself is faster in some situations.
3451 Added functionality to allow short codes to be stored in the phonebook, used from the phonebook, and dialed directly.
6824 Improved the translations for some non-English menu languages and added Kurdish (Sorani) as a new language option.
1726 Improved responsiveness to power button press to turn the handset off.
6223 Improved reporting of signal strength on the user interface and the AT interface.
5903 Fixed an issue where a remote DTMF button press could unmute a local handset.
6045 Use of SBD services is now permitted when no SIM card is present in the handset.
6866 Fixed an issue where Location Based Services would not work correctly after a power cycle with the charger connected. (9575 only)
5498 Fixed issue where a redialed SOS call would show "Calling %s" instead of the correct number. (PTT only)
6828 Added an alert to notify the user that the antenna should be extended when placing a push-to-talk call. (PTT only)
5284 Various minor user interface improvements in push-to-talk mode. (PTT only)
5452 Removed delay that could occur in some situations after a user initiates the switch to push-to-talk mode from the menu option. (PTT only)
5535 Fixed an issue where AT commands could not be used after switching between push-to-talk and telephony modes. (PTT only)
6852 Improved screen signal strength indications to more quickly reflect the signal strength seen by the handset when in push-to-talk mode. (PTT only)