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The World's Only Global Push to Talk (PTT) Network

What is the Iridium PTT network?

It is a satellite based, trunked radio network. It uses the Iridium constellation of 66 linked satellites to allow communication between iridium hand held radios anywhere on the planet. The network allows you to create multiple talk groups for maximum functionality and a single talk group can have radios in many different locations around the globe for maximum flexibility.

Why should you consider the Iridium PTT network?

Ease of set up and use. The system requires no infrastructure. The satellite network is already in place. The handset are truly mobile, self powered and come complete with all the accessories you need, so all you need are the radios and a few minutes to define your talk groups in our web based Command Center and you are ready to go.
Reliable and rugged. The Iridium network has set the standard for satellite communications for the last 20 years. The Iridium PTT handset is ruggedized and water resistant to an IP65 standard and is AES256 encrypted for security.

Flexible. Each radio can support up to 15 talk groups. Talk groups can contain an unlimited number or radios. Setting up and changing talk groups is done through the user friendly, drag and drop web base Command Center. Programing take only minutes and update occur over the air just as quickly.

Interoperability. Talk groups can be “shared” with other agencies using the Iridium PTT network, allowing you to quickly establish inter-agency communications during emergencies . And, Iridium handsets can be connected as a module on most existing interoperable cross band system allowing you to link your Iridium PTT network into your existing LMR network.

The Iridium PTT radio handset cost about the same as a high quality portable UHF/VHF radio. The service costs compare favorably with other satellite base PTT networks that don’t offer nearly the value of the Iridium network. Most importantly, the iridium PTT network allows you to rapidly build a PTT network, or expand existing LMR networks with having to erect towers, install repeaters or other costly infrastructure, for additional cost savings..

Click here to download an informative PDF that covers how the PTT operates