GCOMM - satellite communication company

GCOMM - satellite communication company

G COMM is a Tier 1 satellite airtime provider for multiple satellite systems; and a distribution partner for a wide array of related satellite equipment manufactures.
We specialize in handheld systems, highly portable mobile units, fixed installations and M2M communication hardware, offering satellite based voice, data, M2M and tracking services tailored to you.
We service companies across the country and around the world. Our clients include businesses of all types, government agencies, emergency service providers, the marine industry, and anyone with the need to communicate beyond terrestrially bound services. We are known for our industry leading customer satisfaction.
Our strong relationships with the primary hardware and service suppliers for multiple satellite systems ensure that GComm can continually offer the best value with superior quality of service. Our diverse industry relationships make GComm uniquely positioned to offer independent, unbiased advice to ensure you receive the right communication solution, at a competitive price.
GComm partners with the largest providers of mobile satellite communications to ensure you get the right airtime and hardware for your needs anywhere on the planet.


The Iridium satellite system consists of 66 cross-linked, low earth orbit satellites that constantly circle the globe. The Iridium constellation is unique in that it covers the entire surface of the planet, including poles, oceans and airways. This make is possible to have worldwide voice and low speed data communications using handheld satellite phones and a wide variety of devices for commercial applications. It is the only truly global communication satellite system.


Inmarsat has been at the forefront of mobile satellite services for over 31 years. They are recognized leaders in the satellite communications field and continue to introduce new technologies that redefine the standard for the industry. Utilizing high altitude satellites in geo synchronistic orbits, this system cover about 90% of the globe. The network supports a wide variety of hardware from handheld phones to portable high speed terminals, to High end stabilized marine system. Inmarsat’s BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) and Fleet Broadband services provides voice, high speed data, and streaming video capabilities to an assortment of portable and stationary devices for personal, business and commercial applications.


The Globalstar satellite constellation consists of 32 low-earth orbiting satellites and a network of ground gateways that provide connectivity to the public switched telephone network and the internet. Because the system is dependent upon ground stations, service is only available in the geographical regions where earth stations have been established. While not truly global, the area Globalstar covers is extensive. Within the coverage area, the service is reliable and call quality is excellent. The system utilizes handheld phones and other devices to provide high quality voice and low speed data connections.

Practical Solutions

G COMM has a variety of practical, simple and cost effective technologies for keeping you connected.
The satellite phone is a simple and cost effect method for you and your team to stay in touch. It is as
easy to use as a cell phone, provides voice, voicemail and texting capabilities. The latest technology allows
you to interface with your smart phone, laptop or tablet to send and receive email. It is light weight,
rugged and easy to carry with you anywhere you go.
Office on the go
Or maybe you need to set up a portable office with voice and high speed data capabilities for one or more
people. Whether you are traveling to a remote job site or to a location where other services are
temporarily unavailable, a small yet very powerful BGAN terminal could be the answer. Turn it on, plug in
your computer and phone, and you are up and running.
Command and control
If your needs are more along the lines of a permanent or semi permanent onsite communication
structure, we have a solution to fit your needs. Fixed Satellite Comm terminals give you voice and email
in a low cost package. A satellite phone in a docking station will give you the same voice and e-mail
functions with the grab and go convenience of the phone. If you need high speed data services a BGAN
terminal offers phone and true broadband service in an affordable package.
Emergency Response/Responders
In the hours, days, and weeks following a major disaster, satellites provided the basic ‘operability’ that
failed terrestrial networks cannot provide. Mobility, reliability and ease of use are essential for effective
communications. Mobile to mobile, mobile to fixed, and fixed to fixed are all part of the emergency
response equation. Handhelds, vehicle mounted or fixed units provide voice, data, and broadband for your
command center on the ground or your vehicles in route at 60 mph. Independent of terrestrial
infrastructure, satellite communication has no range limitations with truly globally service.
Business Continuity
Without communications your business is out of business, which is why satellite communications should
be a part of any business continuity plan. Satellite phones provide key executives the means to stay in
touch with voice and email connectivity. Fixed Satellite Comm units can be integrated into the office PBX
providing voice path diversity. SMS messaging and satellite voice mail provide notifications and updates
to your customers, employees and management. High speed data terminals provide public or point to
point connectivity to keep critical data flowing.
Marine Communications
Offshore communications on vessels requires specialized solutions adapted to the harsh environment
and to the unique mission parameters of the vessel. Supply boats, workboats, exploration vessels,
towboats or tankers, all require highly reliable and cost effective connectivity. System redundancy and
multiple solutions are essential. Voice communication and data connectivity for navigation, weather or
crew conveniences; as a back up of primary systems; data and video for operational monitoring,
measuring and assessment above and below the waterline; can all be accomplished within the GCOMM
package. From simple handheld units to marine certified stabilized antennas and below deck equipment,
GComm can provide the solution.
No matter what your needs, fixed or mobile, voice or high speed data, on land or sea, we listen to you and tailor a solution to fit your needs. Explore our website to see some of the options that are available or contact us and let our experts help put the right solution together for you.

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