Comm-Pak by G-Comm

Comm-Pak by G-Comm

  • Highly Portable
  • Self Sustaining
  • Multiple Voice Channels
  • High Speed Data
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Back Haul Support
  • Customizable

The Comm-Pak Emergency Communication Kit series are designed to be highly portable hand carried systems. The Comm-Pak provides a rapidly deployed, easy to use, easy to maintain, mobile communications center that requires little or no set-up. It is self-powered, a near self-sustaining system which provide around the clock voice and/or high speed data communications from anywhere in the world for extended use without having to repower.

Comm-Pak is available in standard models that range from a kit with a single phone and back up battery, to multi-phones kits with in-built recharging capabilities, to high speed voice and data terminals including WiFi connectivity allowing you to make satellite calls using your own cell phone. These are highly customizable kits that can be tailored to meet your specific mission requirements with a broad range of communication capabilities. Satellite phones, Satellite Push to Talk and Satellite data terminals with Wi-Fi connectivity are just some of the options available. Comm-Pak is the perfect solution for “first on the scene” or any field operation. It is also an excellent as back haul support for more complex remote systems.

Whether you are facing an overloaded or compromised infrastructure due to natural or man-made disasters, or your job takes you to some remote area of the planet, the Comm-Pak will provide you with a convenient easy to carry, easy to use communications system that will allow you to stay in touch for as long as you need however you want to connect from anywhere!

Customize your Comm-Pak to fit your mission requirement.

Basic Satellite Telephony — One or more Iridium 9555, 9575 or 9575 Push to Talk phones for mobile voice communications. The phones are rechargeable on site via the battery pack, solar panel, or any available DC/AC power source providing continuous communications capability.

Waterproof Hardcase
Lightweight Waterproof Hard Case with customized insert protects the equipment from damage and the elements. The case is sized according to customer’s equipment requirements. Larger cases with collapsible handle and wheels are available. Color options include yellow, orange, tan and black.

High Speed Voice and Data — Utilizing Cobham Explorer 510 or 710, BGAN terminals, data rates of up to streaming 600 kbps are possible anywhere. Internet connections, stream video or remote terminal connection are all possible. Built-in WiFi provides wireless connectivity. Available SIP apps allow you to use your Celllular device to make satellite calls. The terminals are battery powered and rechargeable via the Comm-Pak power resources.

Power Pack — An intelligent Lithium Ion Battery Pack provides a light weight power source suitable for multiple recharges of all of the equipment in the Comm-Pak Kit. Available in standard capacity of 12 and 24 AH, this unit can sustain the Comm-Pak kit for 96 hours or more depending on the usage without recharging. The unit can be recharged via the solar panel or any available AC/DC power source. Multiple power units can be added to the kit for even greater sustainability.
Military Grade Back Pack
This options allows for the equipment to more easily be carried into remote areas. The muitiple compartments keep the equipment organized and protected. Adjustable shoulder straps, waist band and aluminum pack frame add to the wearer comfort.
Solar Power — Lightweight flexible high performance CIGS solar panel ranging in size from 12-64 watts depending on the load requirements are designed to recharge the power packs in 4-6 hours of sunlight. The panels are equipped to recharge any equipment in the Comm-Pak Kit. When coupled with the power Pack, it allows for recharging, even at night. SolarPower
Battery Charging Deck — Provided along with extra battery for the satellite phones. Spare satellite phone batteries allow you to swap out a fresh battery while the depleted battery is being recharged in the case. The Battery Charging Deck can be powered by the power pack or any available AC/DC power source. BatteryChargingPack
The Comm-Pak is complete with the necessary cables and adapters to allow all equipment multiple charging and connection options for maximum reliability.

Standard Comm-Pak Configurations.

CPK101-75 CPK-EC101 Series Comm-Pak cases are a designed to support one Iridium 9555, 9575 Extreme or 9575 PTT ( Push to Talk) satellite phone. Each kit contains the phone along with all of the accessories required for field operations including ac/dc chargers, external antennas, battery charging bay with a spare battery, house in a custom designed water proof hard case.


CPK-EC102 and CPK-EC104 Series Comm-Pak cases are a designed to support 2 or 4 Iridium 9555, 9575 Extreme or 9575 PTT (Push to Talk) satellite phones.

Each kit contains the phones along with all of the accessories required for field operations including ac/dc chargers, external antennas, battery charging bay(s) with a spare battery. These cases also include an internal spare battery to power the charging bay for “off the grid” recharging.

External power jack allows the component to be recharged in the case.

CPK104-75 showing internal battery and charging circuits.

CPK-EB510 CPK-EB510Series Comm-Pak case incorporates an Explorer 510 BGAN terminal that provides a WiFi hot spot for data and satellite phone service through your Smart Phone utilizing the Explorer Connect app.

High speed data to 464 kbps and streaming at 128kbps are available.

Set up time is usually less then 2 minutes. Each kit contains the BGAN terminal along with all of the accessories required for field operations including ac/dc chargers. An internal battery pack is included to extend the uptime between recharging, and external power jack allows the unit to be powered or recharged in the case.

CPK-EB710 Series Comm-Pak has all of the features of the EB510, but incorporates the Explorer 710 BGAN terminal that provides increased data speeds of up to 492kbps with streaming data speeds of 600kbps.


MCOMM1-i75Series Cases is a compact, ruggedized Fly Away Iridium 'Go Kit' in a Pelican 1520 hard case.

It features a Dock with 2-Wire 'Pots'; Voice handset and hang-up cup; Black, Pelican 1520 Hard Case; Magnet Mount Helix Antenna; Single Bay Battery Charger; 20 Foot UltraFlex Antenna Coaxial Cable; Aluminum panel with aluminum brackets and hardware; Storage Compartment; Black Powder Coat - SilkScreen Panel; Power Switch and Panel Indicators; AC/DC UPS Main Power Supply; AC/DC Secondary Power Supply; SLA 12VDC Battery; AC Power Cord; Cigarette Lighter Power Cord.

This case is available with the Iridium 9555, 9575 Extreme and 9575 PTT phones and docks.