Ex-Demo Iridium 9555

Ex-Demo Iridium 9555

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Used Iridium 9555 Demo Phone

With a gently used Iridium 9555 Demo Phone you will get a high quality satellite phone able to communicate globally using voice or data and you will save $300 compared to the cost of a new Satellite Phone.

G COMM is pleased to offer our very gently used Iridium 9555 satellite phones. These phones are in like new condition in the original packaging and includes all of the original accessories. The Iridium 9555 is the work horse of the Iridium line and provides unsurpassed pole to pole coverage allowing you to communicate anywhere on the planet. These phones are in like new condition with very little usage. They come packaged in the original packaging with all of the standard accessories, and include the remainder of the original manufacturer’s warranty or 90 days replacement or refund, whichever is the longer. 

For pricing and availability please call us on 877-614-2666

The 9555 & 9575 are similar in size to a cell phone, built to offer crystal clear voice communication from anywhere in the World. They have the ability to send text messages to other phones or e-mails addresses. This phone can even act as a modem. When attached to your computer you can connect to e-mail and Internet at speeds of 2.4 Kbs/s.

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